Consecrated Life

To achieve union between interior life and the scope of exterior action, the members of the society seek to imitate, and desire to model all their acts on the adorable person of Jesus, spotless Lamb, Lion of Judah, eternal and incarnate Wisdom, Who proved His love by offering His life for us.

149751.jpgThe members of Virgo Flos Carmeli make particular efforts to faithfully and wholly observe the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience, thus striving to achieve the perfection of their state.


They keep before their eyes the figure of the King of glory, who for love of men, was despoiled of all his rights, deprived of all his honours, loaded down with ignominies, wounded in that which His wisely Divine Heart feels most keenly, reduced to the state of a criminal, inferior even to that of a slave. This divine example of humility and obedience leads them to consecrate themselves as slaves of love to Him—the Incarnate Wisdom, through the hands of his Mother, Mary, according to the method taught by St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort.

Like their Supreme Guide and Master, the members of the Society submit to the Holy Father, Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth. They always act in communion with the bishops, whom they are to obey with pious submission in what concerns public worship, according to Canon Law.

Evangelical poverty

Through contemplation of Jesus Christ who, though rich, became poor for us, that we might be enriched by his149755.jpg poverty—who desired to be born in a manger between an ox and a donkey, and who received during his Passion the alms of the veil of Veronica and vinegar of the executioners—the members of the Society live a life of poverty for the Kingdom of Heaven, using the goods of this world as the Lord’s property, knowing that this will make them compliant to the voice of God in daily life.

Consecrated chastity

The love that Mary bears the gift of virginal purity, reflected in the episode of the Annunciation, is the model of the celibate life of the brothers of Virgo Flos Carmeli, who desire to preserve chastity as a great treasure. Chastity—the keeping of perfect continence in celibacy—is lived out as an act of undivided love for Jesus Christ and his Church.

Prayer and Contemplation

Just as Jesus gathered his disciples together “to be with him” (cf. Mk 3:14) before sending them out, and according to his numerous testimonies on the importance of prayer during his earthly life, the members of the Society keep their outlook raised to spiritual realities, preserving the spirit of contemplation and interior recollection.