Mindful of the obligation to train clergy who are stable in their vocation, lovingly aware of the obligation to seek holiness and perfection of state, with a solid interior life centered on the Eucharist—the soul of the apostolate—spurred on by a deep-seated love for the Virgin Mary, brimming with missionary spirit, and willing, if necessary to give its life for the Kingdom of Heaven, the Society Virgo Flos Carmeli has instituted two major seminaries.




After discerning God’s call to the priesthood the youths living in these houses devote themselves to the assiduous study of Philosophy and Theology.




Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary (Seminário São Tomás de Aquino)


Rua Havaí, 430 - Parque Santa Inês
07700-00 - Caieiras - SP
Rector: Fr. Pedro Rafael Morazzani Arráiz, EP
Tel: 55 11 2256-9377
[email protected]



Santiago Seminary (Seminário Santiago)



Hacienda de Narita, Vereda la Fuente,
Tocancipá - Cundinamarca
Rector: Fr. Carlos Luis Tejedor Ricci, EP
[email protected]